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Marin Office

No appointment necessary
Open to applicants Monday to Friday 9AM to 3PM only (except Holidays)
4340 Redwood Highway A14, San Rafael, CA 94903
Phone: 415-479-5125
Fax: 415-479-5196

Application Process

All caregiver applications are handled in person. To start your application, please visit our Marin office between 9am-3pm on Moday to Friday. No appointment is necessary. During the application process, you must perform the following:

  1. You must pass a written test for our skills assessment

  2. You must fill out a criminal background check

  3. You must present two picture IDs and other documents upon applying

The caregiver application process typically takes one to two hours to complete, so please ensure you schedule accordingly before arriving onsite. ​

Acceptable picture I.D ( any two of the following)
  1. US passport

  2. Resident Alien Card ("green card")

  3. State issued Driver's License or State ID

  4. Social Security card


Other useful documents
  1. Current C.N.A, HHA certifications

  2. CPR, Basic Life Support certification

  3. TB/PPD test and/or chest x-ray (if skin test is positive)

  4. Fingerprinting or Livescan file.

  5. Medical examination results(latest) and/or statement from Doctor stating ready for work.

Application Form

All caregiver applications are handled in person. To expedite the process, you may choose to print and fill out an application before arriving onsite. Click on the PDF icon to download:

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