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Acclaim Homecare - Serving the Bay Area since 2002

About Acclaim Homecare

We are an established home care agency who have been in the business for almost twenty years. We are dedicated to ensuring reliability, trust and total satisfaction in home care. 


Our team of experienced Geriatric Care Managers (comprised of RN's and LVN's) conduct initial interviews and consultations to determine the caregiving requirements. They give recommendations on the level of care needed while providing estimates on the total cost of services. From there, an assigned Care Manager will create care plans tailored to the client's needs free of charge. It is ultimately up to the client or their guardian to decide what type of services they would like. 


Our caregivers go through an extensive pre-screening process. To get hired, caregivers must pass through several rounds of interviews and exams. They must also pass background and license checks, including fingerprints, live scans, and a thorough check of work and character references. Since the quality of care is highly dependent upon the caregivers themselves, we are assiduous in our screening process to make sure each caregiver on our list is reliable and trustworthy. 

When a care plan is agreed upon, caregivers are brought by our Care Manager to the client for personal interviews. Since compatibility between the caregiver and client is so important, this step ensures the client will be satisfied with the caregiver(s) they ultimately choose.  

Should an emergency happen, we are equipped with a 24 hour paging service to respond to critical situations. We also provide replacements for caregivers should our client find them incompatible to their needs.

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